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Restructuring Recapitalization

Hermes Healthcare Advisors specialize in providing advisory services to aid healthcare companies to get back on their financial feet. Hermes has created a structured project finance model for hospitals for rated or non-rated with poor credit, in need of recapitalization or restructuring.

We provide our clients with financial advisory, modeling and analysis that identifies the current problems. We start with a situation analysis, which provides a rapid, factual assessment of the current financial situation, including a review of cash flow, debt service capacity, capital structure, operations, reporting systems and controls. We analyze the situation, determine the immediate needs and develop action plans.

This allows us in today’s financial markets to provide a plan and identify the right investor to obtain the capital the client needs. This expertise and process works for companies in any situation: turnaround, distressed, expansion or recapitalization.

Hermes Healthcare brings solutions by matching industry experts who have ready and willing funds, with the client in need of financing. We can analyze your company’s financials and recommend ways to restructure assets and cash flow to become rated or bankable.

Hermes Healthcare works not only with routine restructuring transactions, but have also provided advisory services for:

- Hospitals seeking to finance a seismic retrofit or new construction.

- Reorganizations of solvent healthcare companies under distress.

- Distressed debt trading and debt buybacks, including using the acquired

- Debt as currency for an acquisition of a company.

- Consent solicitations and exchange offers.

- Pre-packaged/pre-arranged reorganizations.

- Rights offerings and inter-creditor lien priority and subordination dispute resolutions.
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