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Real Estate Advisory

Hermes Healthcare Real Estate Advisory Services was created to better serve the increasing needs of health care real estate Investors, Hospitals, Physicians, Social Services and University markets to develop and execute sophisticated real estate strategies aimed at improving operations, unlocking value or minimizing risk.

We have assembled a team of experienced professionals to provide objective financial advice and analysis, transaction support and strategy consulting to meet the clients healthcare advisory needs.

Hermes HCA focuses on both for profit and non-profit care real estate transactions:

- Value Added Financial Advisory Services
- Access to Capital
- Transaction structure and implementation
- Debt Financing
Real Estate Portfolio Analysis
- What do you own?
- What is the purpose?
- What do you lease?
- What are your operating expenses?
- What are your goals? Our goals?

Strategic Real Estate Capital Advisory Services

Real Estate Structuring or Restructuring - Non-profit real estate must be treated as a financial asset - not a facility.

Approximately 30-50% of a non-profit’s balance sheet is invested in fixed assets (real estate) recorded on the institution’s books at cost less depreciation, not value. This often leads to situations where the assets are undervalued. In addition, the performance of these assets can be greatly enhanced with the implementation of strong fundamental real estate initiatives. Typically, a non-profit is not focused on its real estate as a financial asset. Strategies to unlock the value “buried in the bricks” and obtain better operating performance can positively impact both the institution’s income statement and balance sheet.

Most non-profits do not take this into account and in almost every instance lose millions of dollars of opportunity!

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